Concert with Simrit Khalsa

Simrit Flower

Hypnotic, Haunting, and Brimming With Mystery and Groove…

Her sound is hailed worldwide as haunting, hypnotic, healing and majestic, and it has topped World Music Charts including iTunes at #1. She is a renaissance woman who is known for her revolutionary innovation in chant and world music and her undeniable ability to transmit a potent level of humanity, healing, and pure love through her sound and music.

It won’t take very long after the music begins for you to realize that this isn’t your average concert. From the transporting sounds, the hypnotic groove, world-class musicians, and Simrit’s mesmerizing VOICE…Get ready for lift off!

“For Simrit, singing is not a performance, it is a sacred worship of the Divine. – Snatam Kaur

“Some artists can bring true commitment to age-old meditations, urging everyone from pop stars to theater audiences to fall in love with the words of South Asian sages. Some artists have that presence that both highly engages and soothes, an ear that can hear the resonances that bridge continents and souls. Vocalist and songwriter Simrit, born in Athens, Greece, adopted and raised in the American South, is one of these artists.” ~Rock Paper Scissors

“I’m such a fan of Simrit. Her musicality and energy set her apart. She is the voice of this new day and age.” –Belinda Carlisle

Friday April 27th, 2018
Centretown United Church
507 Bank Street

Doors 6:30pm, Concert at 7:30pm

Section A: $40 advance
General Admission: $30 advance,
*hst applies to all prices

Tickets Available: In person, by phone 613-234-7974 or online

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