Awakening Your Potential

We are committed to self-empowerment and the unfolding of human potential. We are passionate about living in a world where all people are living consciously.

By offering a peaceful, friendly and inclusive space, we welcome everyone. We invite you to connect with others in our community but ultimately with your true self. Rama Lotus Yoga Centre will assist you in clearing and quieting your mind, reducing stress and anxiety, easing depression, bringing greater health and ease to the body, and fostering self-acceptance and personal empowerment, as we encourage opening to the transformative power of living from the heart.

We are a holistic yoga studio and yoga teacher training school, offering a variety of classes, workshops, and teacher training programs to support you on your personal journey.

We offer this out of a place of gratitude for all that the tradition of yoga has taught us.


Core Values

Yoga is the science of self-awareness. Through this process we can access our greatest human potential and find self-empowerment, which will lead to an abundance of good in our lives. The following core values have become our foundation:

Self-Realization. Yoga is the process of awakening to how perfect, complete, and powerful you already are.

Wholeness: We integrate the diverse aspects of the complete practice of Yoga, only one of which is asana (physical postures).

Faith: We trust that there is a greater awareness/presence that will support us on our path.

Acceptance: Know that who you are right now is perfect. Everyone is welcome! And all styles of yoga are welcome and respected here.

Connection: We are all in this together. This is an inclusive community where we support each other on this inner journey.

Peace: When we quiet the noise of our lives, we can access the power of our innate creativity, exploring new potential in our lives.

Freedom: Realizing your complete inner freedom is the purpose of Yoga.

“The process of controlling the minds activity is called yoga. And the person who can control the mind is called a yogi” – Origins of Yoga