Community Event

On August 26th join us for a special sadhana as we celebrate the life of Yogi Bhajan.
Each year, on the anniversary of his birth, the Kundalini Yoga community comes together to celebrate Yogi Bhajan’s life and the technology of Kundalini Yoga that he brought us. On his birthday at 6am eastern standard time there is a global recitation of the Guru Ram Das mantra for 11 minutes. On his birthday we also have a special sadhana of 2.5 hours of the long Ek ong kar mantra.
Why so long? Yogic science says that certain times in meditation produce certain effects.
11 minutes changes glandular system and nerves.
31 minutes: Affects all the cells & rhythms of the body and the mind’s projection.
62 minutes: Changes the gray matter of the brain and integrates the subconscious “shadow mind” and the outer projection.
2 ½ hours: Holds the new pattern in the subconscious mind by the surrounding universal mind.

Saturday August 26th

3:00 am: Japji
3:15 am: Tuning in and warm-ups
3:30 am: long Ek ong kar mantra
6:00 am: Global recitation, Guru Ram Das Mantra
*Doors will be open between 3 and 3:30am, 4:45-5:15am, and 5:45-6am. There is no charge for this event.

Please feel welcomed to join in for all or part of the celebrations. If you are only able to come for part of the group sadhana, you will still enjoy many benefits and are encouraged to come for as much as you can.