Workshop led by Ana MacMillan

Dip your toes into the world of ritual. Bring all your baggage, life’s unanswered questions and anything that weighs you down. Explore how non-denominational and intuitive ritual can provide answers, direction and transform all of it into peace and joy.

Use ritual to:

Calm fear and anxiety
Stop unhelpful or obsessive thinking
Gain clarity and direction
Solve personal dilemmas and problems
Experience joy, peace and connection to the divine

Ritual has been a dependable tool that has been a part of Ana’s life for over 15 years. As a Hatha Yoga Instructor, she finds that ritual helps to bring her more fully into the present during her own personal yoga practice and helps to ground and calm her even when her mind is extra busy. In times of despair, she finds it lifts her spirit and gives her the courage to try again. And when she is struggling over making a decision, it cuts through all the mind babble and provides clarity and direction. But most importantly, she says, it has been been a vehicle to regularly connect to joy, peace and that which is greater.

Sunday September 25th, 2016


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Registration: In person, by phone 613-234-7974 or online.

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