Workshop led by Tania Frechette

Sorcery is defined as “an abuse of power”. This is any type of abuse of power. Therefore, everyone is a sorcerer. We all do it, have done it and the awareness of what sorcery is and how it is done will help us to stop doing it.Common forms:

  • Gossiping and speaking ill of someone
  • Wishing ill of another
  • Activating karma “they will get theirs”
  • Thinking negative thoughts of another
  • Having strong negative emotions towards another
  • Interfering with another persons life
  • Negative self thoughts and conversations
  • Jealousy

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn how to protect yourself from negativity
  • Discover how positive and negative thoughts affect your aura
  • Experience “The Ancient One” journey to meet your protector
  • Bring healing protection to yourself

Saturday January 10th, 2015


Your Investment: $15+hst
*Half of all proceeds will go to The Rainbow Flame Medicine Lodge supporting Algonquin Culture and Teachings.

Registration: In person, by phone 613-234-7974 or online.

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