Friday April 17 7-9pm
Fright or Flight

All about arm balances. Face your fears, learn proper alignment, then fly. Let yourself go in this workshop that is guaranteed to get the core working and the adrenaline pumping. Join Lauren for an exuberant adventure into arm balances.

Saturday April 18 11am-1pm
Explore Your Core

This class is all about fun transitions that ask the yogi to learn what and where the bandhas are and how to use them. We will move through fun and challenging transitions that demand we get centered, pull in through the midline, stay grounded and get to the core of the body.  This is a vinyasa flow style class focusing on breath, movement and tricky balances and transitions, getting down to the core of our practice and deeply to the center of the soul.

Saturday April 18 3-5pm
Backbends for the Non Bendy

A “bend don’t break class”. Expand into advancing the practice. Often, we just heat up so much that backbends come more easily. In this workshop we bend not just in the bodies but also our thought process so that challenges do not break us. Learn to use yoga to physically and internally open the heart. Let backbends become a more accessible part of your practice.

Sunday April 19 11am-1pm
Monkeying Around in Hanumanasana

Join Lauren in this fun, adventure into the splits. Learn the story of Hanuman as you discover how to safely build flexibility for the splits using specific, targeted stretching techniques. Play with different splits variations in your vinyasa practice. Let the splits become an accessible and regular part of your yoga practice!

Sunday April 19 3-5pm
Handstand 365

Want to join the 365-day handstand challenge? When Lauren started doing a handstand every day and sharing it on social media using the hashtag #handstand365, she did not expect the concept to go viral! Today there are over 45 000 photos of handstanders around the world joining in with her! In this workshop, Lauren brings a fun and playful approach to your yoga practice, to learning handstands and to life! Lauren will teach you tips, tricks and techniques to safely stick your handstands. Join the joyful global community of people who’ve decided to play around upside down. This class is open to anyone who wants to learn how to get in to, practice or sustain a handstand and can feel comfortable in downward dog for 30 seconds or more.

Friday April 17 – Sunday April 19, 2015

$40 per workshop / $35 early bird until March 27th
$75 Saturday or Sunday full day / $65 early bird until March 27th
Full Weekend $175 / $150 early bird until March 27th

Registration: In person, by phone 613-234-7974 or online.

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