Saturday October 24 11am-1pm
Where’s Your Head At

Learn safe alignment and strengthening exercises for headstands. Join Lauren as she guides you through headstand variations and transitions from traditional to wacky! Invite magic into your life. Get upside down. Be thoughtful about your practice. Where’s your head at?

Saturday October 24 3-5pm
Wring It Out

Get twisted, knotted up, tangled and squeeze out everything that isn’t necessary toward a happy fulfilled life. Wring it out is all about using twists to nourish and refresh the body from inside out. Sweat it out, stretch it out, wring it out! Get into the practice of feeling refreshed, cleansed and exuberant.

Sunday October 25 11am-1pm
Inner Entomologist

Learn the poses that leave you bug-eyed: Scorpion, Grasshopper, Firefly. Discover how to transition into and out of these poses in different ways. Lauren will show you ways to stretch, strengthen and prepare your body for these advanced arm balances. Get over your fear of creepy crawlers and empower yourself with these asana.

Sunday October 25 3-5pm
You Should Yin

Lauren Rudick, best known for her Handstands and Power Vinyasa classes, takes you on a journey of relaxation. In this practice Lauren shares with you her favourite Yin stretches. Rest and rejuvenate after an intense weekend of workshops. Find softness, release excess tension and energy and find a renewed sense of self, Body, Mind and Spirit.

Saturday October 24 – Sunday October 25, 2015

$40 per workshop / $35 early bird until October 15th
$75 Saturday or Sunday full day / $65 early bird until October 15th
Full Weekend $145 / $120 early bird until October 15th

Registration: In person, by phone 613-234-7974 or online.

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