“Happiness is your Birthright” Yogi Bhajan

As human beings we have the potential to live a healthy, happy and harmonious life. This potential is reached only through self-knowledge, self-love and commitment with who you really are. Kundalini Yoga provides you the tools you need to awaken your consciousness and be the best version of you!

Join this journey through your Chakras, getting rid of past emotions, strengthening and detoxifying your body, building new and healthy mental patterns, developing your intuition and regaining your Self-Esteem to recognize your totality!

March 19 First Chakra:
“Connecting with the Mother Earth and building Security”
March 26 Second Chakra:
“The Longing to Belong”
April 2 Third Chakra:
“Awakening your Personal Power”
April 9 Fourth Chakra:
“Opening the Heart to a new experience of Love”
April 16 Fifth Chakra:
“Creating and projecting through the power of your Word”
April 23 Sixth Chakra:
“Connecting with your Intuition”
April 30 Seventh  and Eighth Chakras:
“Recognizing the Unity in You, Living in Harmony and Peace”

Sundays March 19-April 30

Your Investment: Regular class pricing applies. All classes are drop in based