Top 10 Reasons To Take Teacher Training This Summer
(That have nothing to do with teaching yoga)                                         _MG_2197ed


10: The effects of your practice grow exponentially the more regular your practice is. Spending 4 weeks of your summer practicing daily will have a fantastic effect, guaranteed!


9: Nothing beats a yoga staycation. Unless you get two yoga staycations in one summer yoga teacher training. (You do!)


8: There’s lots more to yoga then poses. In fact, of the 8 limbs of yoga, the poses are only one of them. Through our summer training program you will learn about how yoga can do for your life what it’s done for your body!


7: It’s no secret that life is getting more stressful. Taking a step out of your busy life to release the stress that you have been holding onto is essential for mental health and well being.


6: Once you’ve learned the great tools of yoga you can share them with others. There is no greater joy then helping someone else cope with the challenges in their life.


5: When we join together with like minded people we create community. This community that is built in teacher training connects you with friends walking the same path.


4: By sharing our stories and experiences within this community of like minded people we learn from each other’s journey.


3: If you’ve accumulated some baggage along your way through your life then this is a great way to let go of some of that.


2: As we let go of baggage we may be carrying we create space for new things to come into our lives. That’s always a good thing!


1: There is no better time to start then right now!


Find more information about our upcoming program here.


Jen Leech (Jaijiwan Kaur)