A Brief History of the Beginning of Rama Lotus Yoga Centre


- by Robert Hay
I started yoga by happenstance. I was taking a management communications course and everyone had to take on a project to apply the things we were learning in a meaningful, real-life situation. One of the people in the course was a yoga teacher who had never taught in public. Her project was to organize, promote, and teach a class and I went to the first one. I can remember doing triangle pose and tree pose. Here, in 1990, the seed of yoga was planted.

Meditating on the Throat Chakra

A student recently asked me about the throat chakra. At first all the usual information came to mind, the color blue, the element of sound, communication. Anyone can read about these in a book, but how can we apply this knowledge about the throat chakra to our daily lives? How can we make use of this very powerful Chakra?


Ahimsa is a Sanskrit word meaning non-violence. It’s definition is abstention from violent acts in word, deed and thought toward any living thing. It is living from the heart center, the heart center of love, compassion and understanding. It is an expression of love for all things created by the one creator. It is a true way of being.

In Recognition of Women

I sat in front of the yoga class, getting ready to teach and I noticed that the entire class of 22 students, were all women. I have noticed this before. Even when men do come they are a small minority in the yoga class. Why is this?

The Power of Silence

In the last few weeks, I’ve been thinking a lot about silence, or the lack of music in yoga classes. As I’ve been practicing yoga without music more often now, it has given me a lot of opportunity to reflect on this experience. In the past I have always enjoyed both silence and music in yoga for different reasons. But now I wonder if the use of music in class is really just a distraction?