Class schedule
Hot Series is based on the original 84 Hatha Yoga poses taught by Bishnu Ghosh and arranged by Tony Sanchez. We call it Hot, because we practice this balanced and effective yoga class in the Hot Room. And we call it Series, because the yoga postures are grouped together to emphasize careful technique and proper body alignment. At the end of this practice you will have worked your body from head to toe.  This class is suitable for the beginner-to-intermediate student.
Here is a taste of what to expect in this class, as well as some of the benefits you will receive from this series:Breathing Series, Part OneStart the class with pranayama (breath work) in the Standing Deep Breathing Exercise; it will help you to control the breath, to oxygenate the blood, as well as to energize and to detoxify your body.Half-Moon Series

This series is comprised of three postures that prepare the body by opening the trunk and spine and stretching the lungs.

Awkward Series

Starting first with the Awkward Pose, you’ll proceed to practice a number of balancing postures that will demand your full concentration.

Transition Series

In this sequence, as you progress from standing postures into floor postures, you’ll challenge yourself with a series of therapeutic postures that start in a seated position.  You will also begin to open the smaller muscle groups in the front line of the body.

Cobra Series

The Cobra Series is also known as the back-strengthening series of postures. You’ll contract the spine and stretch the ribcage, as well as strengthen and stretch the areas of the skull, neck and shoulder blades.

Tortoise Series

The poses in the Tortoise Series are designed to contract and stretch the trunk and spine as you arch and curl the entire spinal column.

Stretching Series

In the Stretching Series, you’ll not only stretch your back and leg muscles, you’ll also contract abdominal and hip flexor muscles. These postures are classified as spinal, but the main muscles involved are abdominal.

Abdominal Series

Strengthen and tone well-developed abs with the Abdominal Series, and allow the yoga to work on the entire abdominal region properly, as you engage muscles as well as organs. You’ll also aid the pelvis and back muscles.

Double-Sided Series

One side contracts, and the other side relaxes as you go into the Double-Sided Series of postures, first on the right side and then on the left. These twisting postures will also open up the chest to enhance breathing.

Breathing Series, Part Two

End the class with Blowing in Firm Pose, or Kapalabhati breathing, and then lie down in Final Savasana.