“If you cannot laugh at yourself, I will laugh at you.”
—Guru Babaloo Rum Duster

It was an autumn evening and the electricity in the air seemed to hold the glow of dust particles in a suspended, dreamy vibe. One of the many scenarios I keep my fingers crossed in hopes for a musical entry in theme of the circumstance.

I meandered my way with heavy flopping feet toward the smell of calming incense with a yoga mat in hand. My body was beat-up after a long day of reactive activity and the thought of limbering up with yoga was alluring in its contracting and expanding formalities. My mind was swimming in past decision making and future planning as I drifted in past the door. I was greeted with a contagious smile from all angles. Nobody was infected by the speed up, head down societal norms of the day. Instead, everyone seemed to float lightly on their toes as they pranced past me to the hot room. Only quiet yeps of ‘hi’ were heard with kind, acknowledging eyes.

The purity of yoga isn’t in the glamour of the path; it’s in the glow.

The quiet attentiveness from the teacher’s watchful eyes, made Rama Lotus Yoga Centre a very important place for me to begin my practice with confidence. After practicing at Rama Lotus for several months I noticed a positive difference in my mood, appetite, and physical framework. Taking yoga off the mat and into my life.

Yoga became the most powerfully influential aspect in my daily routine; trickling and tracing its way into all other parts of my life that needed mending, even unknowingly. The silence in the deep movement and breath work practised in class allowed my mind to focus into a singularity of thought where otherwise would be a whirlwind of excessive sorting and filing.

Everything ebbs and flows, expands and contracts, rises and falls. It’s interesting to make notice of it in action. To notice a fall as it occurs, and to anticipate further, its rise. The flow is determined by its ebb. Your best times are the out-pour from your worst. So fall freely, contract compassionately, and ebb ever knowingly, or rather, ever flowingly— you are the path and the process.

I am grateful for a yoga studio that has given me so much more than a conversation piece. Rama Lotus Yoga Centre has given me a healthy body, emotional insights, and a higher standard of living.

by Jason Myerson

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