Permission Stones


We believe in the healing power of touch, and recognize the importance of having your consent for hands-on yoga adjustments in class. We are happy to announce that as of March 1st, 2017 Rama Lotus Yoga Centre will now be offering Permission Stones in all of our classes. The stones will be located in each yoga studio. If you would like hands-on assists from your teacher, please place a Permission Stone in front of your yoga mat. This will indicate to your teacher that you are open to hands-on adjustments during that yoga posture. If you change your mind during the practice, you can always slide the stone out of view, and the Teacher will refrain from physical touch until the stone is present again.

We can learn a lot about our alignment with hands-on assists, and can even find more depth in our postures. However, physical adjustments are not beneficial for everyone. Perhaps you enjoyed adjustments yesterday, but would rather be in your body without the distraction of a teacher touching you during class today. Now, you have an easy way to give your consent to your Yoga Teacher.

Note: Not all teachers at Rama Lotus Yoga Centre offer hands-on adjustments and there isn’t always time to offer adjustments to everyone. We will do our best to offer adjustments to all students who want them, however placing the Permission Stone on your mat does not mean you will get an adjustment. You will never find hands-on adjustments in Kundalini Yoga classes.