Mornings are growing colder. Night falls sharper, and darkness lasts longer. This is the time of the year when the exuberance of summer leaves us, winter settles in and its somber mood invites us to quiet down and metabolize our thoughts and impressions deeper. whitenightcircle200x200

Winter Solstice marks a pivotal point in the cycle of nature where winter begins, and the night is the longest. The sweet energy of the Sun seems to be at its weakest, nature is dormant, and we feel drawn into a profound introspective, contemplative, Lunar state of mind. However, following a night of more than 12 hours of darkness, the Sun grows stronger in the sky, and the days are longer. This celebration melts potent contrasting principles of Darkness and Light into harmony, becoming a sacred ceremony of rebirth, observing the fertile rhythms of nature and life. This is a night for renewal, a time to share with friends and family, enjoying feelings of love and plentifulness.

LightNight1Let’s celebrate together this moment full of profound ancestral significances, which has been observed by cultures across the globe for more than 6,000 years. Wear white if you can, and prepare for a soul bearing 2 hours candlelit Yin ceremony, where we will observe the cyclical nature of our thought patterns and visceral reactions, looking for harmony and balance.

Yoga practice will be followed by a celebratory Solstice meal. There will be courses aligned with the Ayurvedic perspective on Solstice nutrition. Think rustic simplicity showcasing local foods and seasonal ingredients, like root vegetable, hearty bean stews, squash or sweet potato. You’re welcome to bring in your favourite vegetarian dishes and share them with friends. Online registration is available here.

Diana Buxban